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I’m Victor Vandersmissen, lawyer in civil law and young fellow at griph

Victor originally comes from the water sports practice and therefore spends most of his working week dealing with purchase and delivery disputes, liability and property issues. He is also active in corporate law and handles bankruptcies. In his spare time he likes to be outdoors and on the water. If you have a legal problem relating to 'movable' property, such as boats, horses or cars, Victor is the right man to turn to. In recent years, he has gained a lot of experience in claiming damages and recovering property. He is the right person to talk to when things threaten to get out of hand. He gets to work for you immediately and is just as happy to help companies as private individuals.

“Putting wrong things right. That is why I do it.”


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Victor helps you out of trouble quickly and efficiently, for a clear and affordable price. His approach is informal, accessible and online.