Agile law firm

Griph is a law firm stripped of all bureaucracy and nonessentials. The lawyers and tax advisors at griph are focused on their clients and not on billable hours or internal competition.
Griph is a full-service law firm. Lean, dynamic and flexible. We operate from our office in Amsterdam, for clients in the Netherlands and abroad.

“Share our open view”


To us quality is something other than presenting our knowledge of law. We unravel problems, make them manageable and help you to find strategic solutions. That is where we make the difference.


We believe in the power of teamwork. As our client you are always at the centre of things and we put our team together based on your needs. We are convinced this increases the quality and efficiency of our work.


We work best when we are close to our clients. That is why we invest in our relationships with them and in new ways of working together.

What can we do for you?