We offer end-to-end services

We are convinced that we work better together if we eliminate all the middle layers. At griph you work directly with the professional you need.
The lawyers and tax advisors at griph are specialists with all-round experience. Our mutual network enables us to offer you overall services.



Agreements and disputes relating to companies. From internal decision-making and shareholder disputes to disputes relating to takeovers and managerial liabilities.


Startups have special needs and sometimes limited resources. We invest our knowledge and experience in collaborations on promising initiatives.



We advise and litigate in issues relating to employment contracts and conditions, individual or collective dismissals, reorganisations, company transfers and non-competition clauses. We provide support to employers as well as employees and to statutory directors,  independent contractors and expats.


Fiscal advice on day-to-day business, such as corporation tax, income tax or VAT. Fiscal (re)structuring and the fiscal aspects of (international) transactions. We can also help with submitting tax returns and in disputes with the Tax Authority.


If sparks start flying we can litigate at courts (of appeal) and in proceedings on the merits, interim injunction proceedings and petition proceedings.


Sooner or later, business people and companies may have to deal with liability issues. Our advisory services range from product liability to employer liability and from unlawful acts to managerial liability.


When things go south, entrepreneurs can rely on us as well. We can advise on restructuring, turnaround, bankruptcy and restarting, as well as debt collection, fraud, rights of pledge, retention of title or managerial liability and the role and actions of the trustee.


Cooperation agreements, purchases and leasing, supplier’s and general terms and conditions, distribution agreements and commission contracts. We can advise on liability and in cases of failure  and litigate in relation to fulfilment, dissolutions, errors and loss or damage.


Collection procedures for unpaid debts. This includes seizure and levying execution, interim injunction proceedings and obtaining securities such as rights of mortgage and pledge. Fixed rates and a rapid response.

Real estate

Private and public. Our expertise ranges from project development and planning, land acquisition and usage to constructing, purchasing, renting, (ground) leases, contracts, liability and loss or damage.


When a company is dependent on the government, we can advice for example on processes of development, permits, subsidies, decisions and objections, supervision, enforcement and fines, as well as on collaboration with the government, contracts, (state) liability and loss or damage.

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